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Help for Rural America


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American Community Enrichment, Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation who’s important mission is to promote sustainable economic and community success in rural communities. The purpose is to partner with rural communities to provide needed  leadership, resources, funds, tools, education, plans and projects to revitalize their communities and enrich the lives of their citizens.

Rural communities have unique needs and challenges

Rural Communities are undergoing change. They were once the life-blood of the country. They were the economic center of hard-working family farms  that grew the food of the nation, provided jobs and sustained countless  support businesses. Today family farms are steadily being replaced with  larger, more efficient corporate farms who require far fewer workers per acre. Small businesses now find it difficult to compete with their  larger counterparts in regional urban centers. This unabated trend,  accelerated by the continuing national economic problems, has resulted  in a loss of rural employment, population and businesses.

The rural lifestyle is also changing. Many local rural schools, churches,  hospitals and community centers are under pressure to cut services or  even close because there are often not enough people and funds to  sustain them. Many community governments are also hard pressed to  provide needed services because of rising costs and shrinking revenues.

ACE has the means, methods and skills to partner with rural communities to bring about meaningful, sustainable, positive, change

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