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Casita Travel Trailer Modifications

While I have not had the problem, a couple of people on the Escape Forum have had their refrigerator door open while traveling. But, while the Freedom captains chairs seem to offer much more room and flexibility, they take up a lot more living and storage room. They really hold there value because the Casita owners are like a cult and they just worship them and the factory like they were gods. They set up their campsites, set up their awnings, then string all these pretty little lights all around the Camp Sight and RV. Facebook groups more than once. Keep up the good work Becky. RV and light truck tires. Hope to hear from you soon. It could have damaged our trailer. Stow it in the back of your truck. Kitchen Products MADE IN THE USA! Click on photo to enlarge. Other style hooks are available. The product is so delicate! What should you name your Casita? Nice looking trailer and rig. We have a better solution, though. Anything but a trailhawk. Thanx for so much info!

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